The Sunshine Project - New Delhi

Whilst in India I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Sunshine Project where children are given a safe place before and after their school day to do homework, receive a meal, have guidance, meet friends and learn to be part of a community. The wonderful founder Kuku Aurora started Project Sunshine about 15 years ago and now around 160 children pass through the doors each week.

Whilst I was in Delhi I used to visit each week to help children with their English reading and comprehension. I so enjoyed being with the children, their enthusiasm for learning and their curiosity about the greater world outside.When I go back each year I see how the children have grown and developed into lovely young citizens. Nova India are pleased to have helped out on several projects and sponsorship opportunities.

One week we had great fun making hand print paintings which we plan to use on a tote bag to spread the word about this incredible project. This will be available from the novaindia website in due course.

Do visit their website www.projectsunshineIndia to see the great work being achieved especially at this time during the Covid crisis, where the focus has changed to getting food parcels out to the families of the children who would normally be attending school.

Sandra Walker - May 2020

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