Nova India at Glyndebourne

I visited beautiful Glyndebourne last week to see ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ by Mozart. A great production in 1960’s style costumes! It is such an intimate setting inside the auditorium as you are close to the stage and hear the voices so clearly. There were amusing dance scenes including a Gavotte inspired 'twist’ and a finale with the 'Macarena’! The gardens were looking lovely and I managed a stroll around the lake (even in high heels), where picnics were spread out as guests enjoyed champagne dinners set up on portable camping tables. Our scarves and jackets are selling well in the Glyndebourne gift shop. It was a cold and windy evening, so many people were wearing stoles against the chill. Our reversible two tone silk stole is doing well, available in lots of colours. Our new Indosnesian inspired 'Ikat’ cotton jackets have sold out as have the purple and cerise pashmina/silk shawls with diamonte crystals. Lets hope they re-stock later in the season. They also stock the silk satin pastel stoles in ice cream shades, fine wool striped stoles and hand embroidered wool stoles. Sandra Walker - Nova India

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