Embroidery from Gujarat - The Rabari women from Kachchh

The deserts and marshlands of Kachchh is populated predominantly by nomadic and pastoral communities whose material culture is supported by complex sartorial codes with each community's customs related to rights of passage, dowry and marriage.Though new materials and processes have superseded the older ones, the intent has remained the same, thus preserving relatively unbroken craft traditions. In 1995 both the Dhebaria and Vargaria Rabari community councils declared a ban on the use of embroidery and severe reduction of the amount of jewellery to be worn, to deal with the social issues of dowry.

These wonderful old textiles made by the Rabari women show their skills with their traditional mirror work and rich embroidery.

Child's cap and metal work necklace

Door frame embroidery to hang over lintel.

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