Nova India at the Courtauld Institute of Art  - Somerset House, London

Nova India is proud to be back in the Courtauld Institute Gallery Shop in Somerset House. Their new show, Rodin and Dance - the Essence of Movement starts on October 20th so to have our lovely fluid silk scarves in many rich colours for their customers to choose from is very fitting. The Courtauld Gallery was formed in 1932 by three art collectors who wished to improve the understanding of the visual arts in this country, Viscount Lee of Fareham, Samuel Courtauld and Sir Robert Witt. Samuel Courtauld had made his fortune in the textile industry having successfully developed and marketed rayon, an artificial fibre and inexpensive silk substitute, but he was an avid art collector, especially of impressionist and post impressionist paintings, and on his death left his entire collection to the gallery, where it is much enjoyed to this day.

If you are interested in knowing more about yarns and textiles please look back to my 3 part series on working with textiles on my Blog.

Sandra Walker

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